Directed Electronics Releases New Viper SmartStart Features For iPhone

Product Has Become a Game-Changer in the Vehicle Security & Convenience Category

Vista, California (April 8, 2010) – Directed Electronics has recently released new security features for its award-winning Viper SmartStart. Introduced in October 2009 as the industry's first iPhone remote car starter, Viper SmartStart continues to redefine the security category that Viper has led for over two decades.

According to Mike Simmons, Executive Vice President of Directed Electronics, "Unlimited range was the first game-changing feature that we introduced to users, because their car may be parked on the other side of the shopping mall. In addition, by leveraging their smartphone user interface, we have introduced a whole new value proposition to customers. From operating key functions on their vehicle without using their key, to remote unlocking if a family member is locked out of their car, to the most advanced vehicle security features ever available, Viper SmartStart is truly creating a new paradigm for the future of the remote start and car security category.

"Another key attribute SmartStart brings to the remote start category is the ability to add new product features over the air using software instead of hardware," said Simmons. "For instance, we just released a much anticipated new feature in the iTunes App Store: Push Notification of Alarm Events. For Viper SmartStart users with an integrated Viper security/remote start system, their iPhone will be able to notify them of alarm events or command errors at the vehicle with virtually unlimited range using Apple's push notification. So if someone tries to break in to your car you'll get notified immediately -- even if you're in another state!"

Here's what's new:

  • When installed with a Viper security system or combined security/remote start system, users will receive a push notification if the alarm is triggered
  • Push notifications arrive with the patented Viper 6-tone siren sound (can be switched on or off in the phone's Settings/Notifications tab)
  • The notification will identify which vehicle was triggered, so users with multiple vehicles know immediately which one to check on
  • Push notifications are backed up by in-app alerts; if you miss the notification for any reason, the app will pop up an alert the next time you launch it to let you know the system was triggered
  • The same process covers command errors at the vehicle; for instance, if you try and remote start the vehicle but the override switch is on, hood is open etc. the app will receive a push notification that lets you know the command wasn't executed
  • Events are logged on the Alerts tab; you can check there to see all the events that have been recorded since the last time you cleared the history
  • The vehicle image utility has been improved
Viper SmartStart v1.5 with security alerts and push notification is now live in the iTunes App Store. Click here to see the new app and to download it to iTunes:

or just click the update icon on the App Store icon on the iPhone for those who already have Viper SmartStart installed.

"We will continue to develop the Viper SmartStart product roadmap in 2010 and beyond," according to Simmons, "with new products and features enabled by software, on a variety of hardware platforms and in new markets around the world."

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