SmartStart Goes Bluetooth at CES

Vista, California (1/10/2012) – Viper is previewing a new addition to the SmartStart family at CES 2012: SmartStartBT, an innovative security and remote start gateway, available in late Q1 2012. Viper was the first to introduce a remote start and vehicle access app for the smartphone – and now it’s leading again with Bluetooth.

SmartStartBT will be the lowest-cost option to get SmartStart in a car, because SmartStartBT uses short range Bluetooth technology to communicate with the smartphone locally instead of cellular.

SmartStartBT can be added to virtually any installed Viper or Directed security or remote start system including Autostart and AstroStart, adding smartphone control to the installed system.

SmartStartBT can also be installed as a stand-alone system, offering lock, unlock and trunk pop. (Compatibility is vehicle-specific, so some cars will require an interface or may not be compatible.)

Part numbers will be VSM50BT and DSM50BT.

SmartStartBT is compatible with all current and most legacy Viper and Directed systems with SuperCode or Clone-Safe Code-Hopping.

SmartStartBT provides customers who prefer not to carry a keyfob with the alternative of using their smartphone instead. For the latest updates, be sure to visit