Viper PKE Wins Innovations Award at CES 2012

Vista, California (1/10/2012) – Viper is pleased to announce its latest Innovations Award at CES 2012.

The innovative new Viper PKE is an aftermarket Passive Keyless Entry system that allows users to unlock their car doors simply by walking up to the vehicle, or walking away to lock – because hands have priorities too.

Factory Passive Keyless Entry devices are becoming more common, but the ability to purchase an aftermarket PKE device compatible with virtually any vehicle is a true innovation. The system requires no buttons to be pressed to gain access to the vehicle and, when used with a Viper security system, will also arm and disarm the aftermarket security system.

What makes PKE unique is Viper’s proprietary “Data-to-Data” D2D port, making PKE faster and easier to install by the technician at the retailer. PKE also offers an RF pass-through, which means it can be used with any Directed or Autostart remote start by simply plugging it in – with no additional wires to connect.

According to Peter Fazi, VP Business Development, “The Viper PKE RFID entry system employs cutting edge algorithms and other next generation technologies developed by Directed engineers.”

PKE is another attractive and affordable option for consumers from Viper, maker of SmartStart.