Directed Rolls Out 10 New Firmware Solutions

Vista, California (9/17/2012) – Directed, the industry leader in vehicle remote start and security, announced the immediate release of 10 new firmware solutions for the DBALL interface module – just in time for the remote start season.

The 10 new firmware solutions were developed for Nissan, Ford, Hyundai and GM vehicles as part of Directed’s constant push to offer their dealers the latest cutting-edge technology and stay ahead of the competition.

“The great thing here is that we've connected the dots for our dealers,” said Peter Fazi, VP business development and OEM integration. “This recent wave of firmware releases for DBALL is the first of a multi-wave deployment to provide our customers with the critical firmware solutions they need to help fuel their businesses this fall season.”

“We are building a product echo system not just a fragmented product line, we want our users to see the connection between our devices and clearly understand the value proposition we offer and what that means to them,” Fazi added.

Here’s a quick look at the firmware descriptions:

NISS3HT -- Nissan/Infiniti Push-to-Start Type with Key Port

This unique and exclusive firmware solution does not require the installation of a relay under the hood and offers our popular remote-start-ready (RSR) feature.

NISS4HT -- Nissan/Infiniti Push-to-Start Type Without Key Port

Offering the same application as the NISS3 firmware solution, the NISS4 requires our Key2GO replicator tool and is designed for Juke, Cube and Quest models.

FORD1 -- Ford 40/80 Bit Key Type

This new firmware solution offers 40/80 bit key-type override without convenience or sensing functions and now supports 80-bit keys.

FORD2 -- Ford Lincoln PTS Type

This innovative firmware solution includes Lincoln MKS and Taurus PTS override vehicles and offers great value since it replaces the need to purchase a $250 key to do an override.

FORD3 -- Ford Key Type with OEM Remote Starter

This update is another unique and exclusive firmware solution offering convenience, sensing for Edge/Explorers and an easy RXT and SmartStart upgrade.

FORD4 -- Ford Key Euro Type

This exclusive feature offers override and convenience for 2012 Focus and 2013 Escape key type with RSR functions and is the first key type on the market that offers remote-start-ready (RSR) functionality.

FORD6 -- Ford 40/80 Bit Key Type

This exclusive firmware solution offers the same applications as the FORD1 and also supports sensing and convenience on 125-baud bus vehicles.

HKHT1 -- Hyundai/Kia Key Type

This exclusive solution offers convenience functions along with key override on key-type Hyundai/Kia models.

GM6 -- GM Standard Key Type

This feature for GM vehicles offers override, convenience and allows easy installation of RSR, RXT as well as SmartStart functionality.

GM10 -- GM Blade Key Type

This update offers the new GM flip key override and convenience firmware for all "flip-key" type models. The firmware solution supports key override in data as well all convenience features like door lock and OEM security control. The new GM10 firmware also supports RSR and RXT, meaning that it can be installed as a stand-alone remote starter – or it can enable an upgrade of factory remote start systems by adding one of Directed's iconic remotes.