Game-Changing XpessStart One Available First Week of April

Vista, CA—The next level in the evolution of remote start and security technology is here. Starting this month, dealers will be able to offer the all-in-one solution that is XpressStart ONE, an analog and digital platform that makes it possible to have a single box that meets every need. You can keep everything in data, have a mix of data and analog, or go completely analog if required as in older cars.

“XpressStart ONE will be the catalyst for re-shaping our industry,” explained Peter Fazi, VP Business development - OEM Integration, Directed. “The days of old static devices we installed in cars that could do no more than remote start or security are behind us.”

Now with XpressStart ONE, installers can consolidate the remote starter and the interface for more flexibility. The XpressStart ONE facilitates connectivity to a vehicle's databus which Directed currently offers with RSR technology. Overall, this is a truly dynamic hardware architecture that will evolve and grow as the company introduces new features and functions driven by data from the vehicle's databus.

With the XpressStart ONE you can now start thinking about how you can add a suite of features easily, instead of having to change one-dimensional hardware. With this technology the devices in the car are “future proof”, and when coupled to a SmartStart will continue to expand in functionality, enabling a whole new perspective for how consumers shop for car-connected solutions.

Addressing the new car segment, Peter Fazi summarized: “With integrated technology we all know that speed to market is essential. New cars are released throughout the model year and if we're behind that coverage map we're not supporting our dealers. With XpressStart ONE technology we're able to get to those solutions much quicker through simplified programming processes, having more engineers focused on a single platform. So there are a lot of inherent benefits to our dealers that are somewhat transparent to them, but will add a lot value in season when we can get to market very quickly with new car coverage as those cars hit the road. With this technology we're going beyond selling remote starts; we're selling features.”

There will be seven new products for each of the Viper, Python, and Clifford brands and each containing with everything you need in the box. All the kits are the mirror of an analog kit and priced right in line with the analog equivalent plus a DBALL.

As Peter Fazi noted: “The introduction of a digital suite of products doesn't orphan our current core analog technology. We will run digital and analog platforms in parallel for as long as our dealers want to buy them.”

The new products will go on sale Tuesday , April 2nd and will be showcased on a new micro site that will host the product pages and install guides. There are banners on all of Directed's websites that will be linked to the micro site on Tuesday.

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