Directed Expands OCTO Telematics Operations in Canada

October 22, 2014, Lachine, Canada - OCTO Telematics of North America, a joint venture between Directed and OCTO spa, announced today expanded OCTO telematics operations in Canada. OCTO Telematics of North America is already providing solutions for over seven insurance companies in the Unites States, and is now set for rapid expansion into Canada. Directed is providing operations and consumer support for OCTO Telematics, a leader in Usage Based Insurance (UBI). OCTO Telematics provides insurance telematics services for motor rental, fleet management, car manufacturing, the governmental sector and more.

As part of its expanding operations in Canada, Directed is offering expanded capabilities from its Lachine, Canada operations. This newly dedicated facility will allow Directed to ship tens of thousands of units per day, while at the same time maintaining exceptional customer service. The new Lachine, Canada facilities will play a vital role in increasing Directed’s expanding presence in Canada and marks a substantial step forward with Directed Canadian partner OCTO Telematics.

OCTO Telematics North American CEO Nino Tarantino noted, “OCTO as the leader in UBI for North America is very pleased with the partnership with Directed and the expansion into Canada. These new operations in Lachine, Canada will allow OCTO Telematics to continue our rapid expansion in Canada.”

About Directed

Directed, recipient of hundreds of technology patents and awards is the world leader in automotive electronics. Its products protect and remotely start more vehicles than anyone else on the planet. The Viper brand created the connected car category with the launch of Viper SmartStart in 2009 – the app that lets you start, locate and control your car from virtually anywhere in the world with your smartphone. For more information contact

About OCTO Telematics

With over three million active customers, and offices and partners throughout the world, Octo Telematics is an advanced Telematics Service Provider (TSP) to more than 122 outstanding insurance partners, carmakers and rental companies. Founded in Rome in 2002, Octo’s award winning services have achieved widespread acceptance, recently adding more than 170,000 new customers each month and recording, processing and storing nearly 80,000 data points every minute. With over 121 Billion data points, Octo maintains the world’s largest insurance telematics statistical database. Through its joint venture with Directed, Octo brings to insurers extensive experience with infrastructure, device logistics, installation and client care, enabling best-in-class support across the U.S. and Canada.