New Directed SmartStart Digital Systems Are Smaller, Faster, and More Efficient Than Ever

~ Directed SmartStart 4th generation hardware is now available, powered by Verizon CDMA/3G technology. ~ Vista, CA, July 27, 2015 – Directed, the leader in aftermarket connected car solutions, today unveiled powerful new Directed SmartStart Digital Systems and modules that empower consumers to quickly and easily start, control, and locate their vehicle from virtually anywhere using their smartphone.

The new Directed SmartStart 4.0 hardware is 25 percent smaller and powered by the Verizon Wireless CDMA network, offering superior nationwide coverage and faster response times – all while consuming less power. The new hardware is plug-for-plug compatible with previous hardware, allowing for faster and easier upgrades. Existing Directed SmartStart customers will continue to enjoy the same convenience and performance of their current systems without any interruption.

As part of Directed’s SmartStart 4th generation product line, the all-new Directed Digital Systems offer complete remote start and security solutions in a single box, and continue Directed’s tradition of industry-leading performance and user experience. Customers are now able to control their Directed remote start and security systems using the OEM key fob as well as their smartphone right out of the box. These all-in-one solutions include the new Directed SmartStart GPS, and customers can immediately begin their Directed SmartStart experience with 60 days of free premium GPS service right out of the box. After the 60-day free trial, consumers can subscribe to any available Directed SmartStart service plan.

The Directed Digital Systems also eliminate the need for add-on parts at point of sale, helping to drive sales and improve the customer experience.

Offered in both remote start and remote start and security configurations, the new digital system SKUs are as follows:

  • VSS4X10 Viper Digital Remote Start
  • VSS5X10 Viper Remote Start and Security
  • DSS4X10 Directed Remote Start
  • DSS5X10 Directed Remote Start and Security

Available in both standard and GPS models, the new Directed SmartStart module SKUs are as follows:

  • VSM300 Viper SmartStart (transitioning from VSM200)
  • VSM350 SmartStart GPS (transitioning from VSM250)
  • DSM300 Directed SmartStart (transitioning from DSM200)
  • DSM350 Directed SmartStart GPS (transitioning from DSM250)

SmartStart 4th generation hardware is compatible with current versions of the Directed and Viper SmartStart mobile app (3.x and up).

“In 2009, Viper created the connected car category with the launch of Viper SmartStart. Today, Viper SmartStart continues as the industry leader with the new Directed Digital Systems, which will change the way our retail partners install and sell remote start and security-based connected car products,” said Frank DeMartin, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Engineering at Directed. “Directed SmartStart Digital Systems are easy to install and easy to own. Directed’s 4th generation SmartStart platform provides unparalleled performance and leverages the full power of the Verizon CDMA/3G network and technology.”

About Directed

Directed, recipient of hundreds of technology patents and awards, is a world leader in automotive electronics. Its products protect and remotely start more vehicles than anyone else on the planet. The Viper brand created the connected car category with the launch of Viper SmartStart in 2009 – the app that lets you start, locate and control your car from virtually anywhere in the world with your smartphone.

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